Tuesday, January 3, 2012


It was now March 2001and both Shane and I were extremely cautious about who we told about our pregnancy.  Every time I had a pain we were so scared something bad was going to happen.  I had lost the other babies around 5 - 8 weeks so as soon as we passed 12 weeks I felt more positive about this baby and told the world our news.  Everything was going along smoothly apart from my blood pressure that continued to rise no matter how much I rested or the medication I was put on.  I was working part time at this stage and Mr K was in Daycare (he had just turned 3).  I also had alittle spotting but nothing major until early September.  I was now 30 weeks pregnant.

It was a Monday night, I had just come home from work and was eating dinner.  I got up from the table to put my plate in the kitchen but felt a strange sensation in my abdomen.  As I stood there thinking WTF is happening, I felt a huge gush of fluid run down my leg, as I looked down all I could see was blood.  It was then that I started to panic and started to feel sharp pains, I then screamed for Shane to phone my parents.  I think mum must have flown over to our house as she was there within minutes.  Now I look back I wonder why we didn't phone for an ambulance straight away or the hospital I was booked into.  As Shane cant handle to sight of blood he tried to amuse Mr K while mum and I then made a few phone calls.

We did eventually phone the Hospital I was booked into have the baby asking what we should do.  The midwife phoned my Obstetrician and he suggested we phone for an ambulance and go to King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH) as this was the only hospital that would deliver babies before 34 weeks. Hang on did I hear right "deliver", OMG did he think I was in labour?, how could he, he hasn't even seen me, stupid Dr.  I cant have this baby now, I still have 10 weeks to go, We haven't even finished the babies room, washed the clothes or even painted the room, I think the cot was set up but that was about it.

I phoned for an ambulance  (Funny thing is we didn't have any ambulance cover at the time, I had the enrolment form all filled out and ready to post on our kitchen table).  So off I went (my first time in an ambulance) just the lights on but no siren.  I had to go on my own while Mum and Shane sorted out Mr K. I was admitted into hospital and told to rest.  Yeah right, I was supposed to work tomorrow, what was my son thinking, what if I had the baby early, were some of the things going thru my head.

I rested as best I could and was sent home a few days later, my bleeding had stopped and my blood pressure had stabilized.  I had to go home on strict bed rest and if anymore bleeding happened I was to go straight back to hospital.. I rested as best I could with a toddler at home.

I remember waking up on Wednesday morning (12 Sep) and turned on the TV to see the news reports about a plane flying into the Twin Towers in America.  I couldn't believe what I was seeing and as I sat down on the lounge to watch the events I felt a sharp stabbing pain in my my belly, as I stood up I realised I was bleeding again.  Here we go again.  I phoned both Shane and my Mum and it was decided that I was going back to KEMH.  It was also decided that Mr K was going to stay with my parents until this baby was born.


  1. You write really well Corinna - you share your emotion beautifully. I'm feeling really anxious and yet I think I know the outcome of this story.

  2. thx Jane, I think most will know the outcome, im writting how im feeling, I have a whole notebook already filled as I started writting a few months ago, but just wasnt ready to publish it all yet