Saturday, February 4, 2012

The calm before the storm

I went for an ultrasound at around 20 weeks, this was a routine scan checking on a number or things and we were also hoping to find out the sex of the baby (but didn't).  I went back to my Obstetrician Dr R a week later for all the results, I was very nervous going for this scan, not sure why but I'm thinking it has something to do with all the other times i went for scans and there was something found to be wrong.  Anyways I sat in the Dr's waiting room for over an hour as Dr R was always running late.

My blood pressure was still on the higher side of normal, even with medication and Dr R was not happy with that.  After analyzing my scans for like 5 - 10 mins he advised me that he could no longer look after me and my baby and that it was best for everyone that i go the KEMH ASAP and see a Dr there as he wasn't happy with the growth of this baby. It seemed that the blood going from the placenta to the baby wasn't enough and the baby wasn't growing.  Great i thought to myself now i have to travel for an hour and wait forever to see another Dr, I loved Dr R, he had looked after me with my other pregnancies and babies and i was very comfortable with him.

Dr R arranged for my scans and a letter to be couriered to KEMH and told me to go home and phone the hospital and arrange to be seen on Monday by a Dr, he couldn't have stressed it enough how important it was for me to be seen ASAP.  It was a Thursday and by the time i arrived home it was late afternoon and too late to phone the hospital. I came home and told Shane what was happening, we tried not to stress too much and decided to phone the hospital in the morning.

I phoned the hospital first thing in the morning and was advised the next appointment wouldn't be for another 3 weeks, well I knew that wasn't suitable and told the receptionist this, I explained about my Dr's report etc and she still couldn't get me in any sooner.  I hung up and was in tears, frustrated with the whole situation.  I phoned my Dr hoping he could do something but he was in theatre delivering a baby and wasn't available for an hour or so.

Shane decided to take matters into his own hands, he phone a local politician, and still got no where and then he phone the Minister for Health.  Somehow he got me an appointment for the following Monday.
Well that weekend was horrible, I can remember suffering from a really bad headache (I would have called it a migraine) and bad indigestion.  The indigestion I found out was actually chest pains associated with pre eclampsia, The midwife that i first saw at the hospital was very worried and advised me that i should have come to the hospital sooner as this is a symptom of Pre eclampsia and I could have had a seizure as my blood pressure was extremely high as well.

Needless to say I wasn't allowed to go home and was admitted to hospital, probably until the baby was born.  Mum and Dad came to the rescue again and looked after Mr K and Miss S. I was now 25 weeks pregnant and was looking at another 3 - 4 months in hospital WooHoo.

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  1. Wow, nothing is ever easy. Waiting over that weekend must have been horrendous and then to be told you should have gone in when they had told you there wasn't an appointment for 3 weeks - frustrating.

    I like Shane's methods for getting you an appointment - very impressive.